This online module provides the opportunity to explore the role of employability in higher education learning. It also provides an introduction to integrating employability into curriculum design and into appropriate student support processes. This practical module will also guide you in developing employability related materials for your teaching or support role.

This module has been mapped against the UK Professional Standards Framework for Teaching and Supporting Learning in HE (UKPSF) and therefore learning from engagement with this resource could support demonstration of UKPSF (2011)  A2 and A5, CK1 and CK2 and PVs 1-4. See the Assessment page for further information.

To start using the material on this site select one of the Unit links on the right/below. Content on this site is available for anyone’s use, however material in orange bold italics is specifically for staff at Teesside University as this module is being developed for their use.

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There are 9 units in this module: feel free to dip and mix, however you may find it most useful to look at unit 1 first. All units contain at least three blog entries: preparation for the unit; an outline describing what the unit covers; and at least one activity. There may be more than 3, as we will add blog entries with interesting material, links, other activities, or resources we find that are relevant to the topic.


  • Unit 1: Getting Started
  • Unit 2: What is Employability?
  • Unit 3: Employability and the Curriculum 1 – First Thoughts
  • Unit 4: Lifewide Learning and PDP
  • Unit 5: Work Based Learning
  • Unit 6: Discipline Approaches
  • Unit 7: Collaborative Curriculum Design
  • Unit 8: Classroom Practice to Develop Employable Graduates
  • Unit 9: Employability and the Curriculum 2 – Reflections

PLEASE NOTE THIS MODULE SITE WILL CONTINUE TO HAVE MATERIAL ADDED AND CHANGED OVER TIME – the aim is to adapt and develop this module in use. If you have any suggestions or links that you think might be useful, do please contact diane.nutt@tees.ac.uk