BBSRC International Workshops

The scheme is aimed at encouraging collaborations between scientists in the UK and abroad, by providing resources to host workshops in any country.

Fund Information
Funding body: Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)
Maximum value:£ 10,000
Application deadline:16/11/2017

Extended Description

The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC) is one of seven Research Councils that work together as Research Councils UK (RCUK). It is funded by the Government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

The BBSRC International Workshops scheme was established in 2005 to encourage UK and foreign researchers to meet and collaborate on topics within the BBSRC remit. The workshops may be held in the UK or abroad, and should have international delegates in attendance.

The aims of the workshop are:
•To stimulate joint working in topics important to BBSRC’s strategy.
•To match numbers of scientists from the UK with other countries to identify areas of commonality and explore the potential for international collaboration.
•To receive applications involving collaborations with any other country, although Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, US, EU member states, India, Japan, India, Japan, New Zealand, Taiwan and the US are particularly encouraged.
•To set up partnership links between UK and overseas laboratories.
•To promote the exchange of scientists, particularly early career scientists.
•To promote access to facilities.

The workshops will enable discussions on subjects relevant to the BBSRC research strategy that have the potential to advance future grant applications, such as submission to the BBSRC Partnering Awards. Additionally, there is the benefit of exposure to different approaches to topics as new ideas are generated by the interaction of the participants.

Potential objectives of a workshop may include:
•A review of the current status of selected research areas from each country.
•Potential topics that could form collaborations between the participants.
•Identification of the means for development of such collaborations.
•An agreed strategy for implementation.

Applications from BBSRC grant holders as part of the 2016 Stem Cell Highlight are encouraged for the 2016 International Workshop call. The proposed workshop can be held in either the UK or China and the areas covered must be within BBSRC remit. Workshops involving National Science Foundation China (NSFC) researchers are particularly welcome. Applicants should ensure that the title of their application begins with “China stem cell highlight“.

Eligibility Criteria

The principal investigator should be a current BBSRC research grant holder or a researcher employed at National Institutes of Bioscience in receipt of BBSRC research funding. A submission from a co-applicant may be accepted if the application has many investigators eg a large grant application from several organisations.

Applications from consortia and industrial partners are encouraged and not all named associates are expected to be BBSRC funded.

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