UK Intelligence Community Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

The Royal Academy of Engineering, in conjunction with the Government Office for Science, are offering a number of postdoctoral fellowships in areas of interest to the intelligence, security and defence community. Applications must be submitted by 10th April at 4.00pm.

The topics available are listed below with full descriptions available from the RAEng website.

Environmentally stable rechargeable batteries for flexible wearable electronics
Calculus of privacy
Magnon algorithmics
An examination of the role and impacts of automation in security
Stored energy detection in complex environments
Voice liveness detection
Heterogeneous network analysis
Ultra-Narrowband Transceiver Design for Long Range Low Power and Low Profile Communications
Advanced research into archive, analysis and retrieval of video based data
Quantum and Optical Sensors
Through the Earth Information
Electronic Materials and Components for Low Power Flexible Devices
Advancing direct-write printing methods for the fabrication of electronics on complex surfaces

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