Digitising the construction sector

The Technology Strategy Board invites applications for its call in digitising the construction sector. This aims to bring together the construction, digital and ICT communities to develop innovative new products, processes and services to revolutionise collaborations between supply chain partners and unlock new business models.

Activities may include:

•user-friendly interfaces for clients to engage with the supply chain;

•tools to industrialise the capture and processing of 3D data

•exchange and processing of rich and complex data to enable collaboration between stakeholders;

•solutions to allow product manufacturers to contribute their specifications for products and components earlier in the design process;

•remote multi-user working with digital models;

•transfer of construction-phase data to the operational phase in a consistent and structured way;

•integrating models from multiple construction projects into master planning tools;

•capturing and integrating feedback from the delivery and operational phases to support continuous improvement;

•building information modelling and broader digital approaches offering one-stop shop solutions.

Collaborations are particularly encouraged between the built environment, ICT and digital economy sectors. Academic and research organisations can apply but cannot lead a project, and the total non-business involvement in a project cannot exceed 30 per cent of the total project costs.

Closing date: 23 April 2014


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