Developing novel approaches to multidisciplinary software development

The Technology Strategy Board, in association with the Arts and Humanities Research Council, invites applications for funding for feasibility studies to stimulate the development of new multidisciplinary approaches to software development.

Proposals should lead to the development of new multidisciplinary approaches to critical parts of the software development process, such as the capture of user requirements and understanding of user culture, and the translation of these into proposals for effective business methodologies suitable for small projects and budgets. 

The aim is to encourage software developers to work with partners with complementary expertise from non-software disciplines (such as the arts, humanities, user-centered and creative design and the social sciences), to explore new and more effective ways of working. As part of this multidisciplinary approach, innovative engagement with research expertise from across the full spectrum of the arts and humanities is encouraged. 

In particular, applications from companies that have recently been commissioned to create software for a client, or developers in non-software companies that have been commissioned to write software for in-house use, are encouraged. In both cases, projects should aim to improve software quality and performance by developing and exploring new collaborative software development processes with experts from other disciplines.

Projects must be business-led and collaborative, and should last up to six months.

Closing date: 10 July 2013

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