Research for patient benefit programme

The Department of Health’s National Institute for Health Research invites proposals under its research for patient benefit programme. The scheme aims to support high-quality research that will be of direct benefit to users of the NHS in England. The programme funds regionally derived applied research projects in health services and social care. Proposals covering a wide range of health service issues and challenges are encouraged. The programme supports:

  • studies of the provision and use of NHS services;
  • evaluations of the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of interventions;
  • examinations of the resource utilisation of alternative means for healthcare delivery;
  • scrutinising of innovations and developments;
  • pilots or feasibility projects to help reach the next step of a definitive trial.

Project grants will last up to 36 months, with a total maximum cost of £350,000 including overheads.

Closing date: 21 September 2012

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